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Kraken is a large supermarket of various goods and services

We all use the Internet every day, buy goods online, order something for wildberry or ozone. The darknet also has its own marketplaces where shops are located and offer their goods. The top-end of them is KRAKEN ONION. This platform is one of most popular on the dark side of the internet. We'll tell you how to find the right product and choose the best seller.

Purchasing goods on the website

To purchase a product, you first need to find it. This is not so difficult to do on KRAKEN; all you need to do is use the appropriate functionality of the platform. You can enter the name of the product into the search bar if you know what exactly you want. If you are choosing and have not yet decided, then the CATEGORIES section is suitable for you. Here all the goods are broken into many small categories, you can select the category that interests you and they will make a selection of suitable products for you. Next you need to select a seller. The same rules apply here as on other marketplaces. It is important to read reviews about the store from past customers, see how many transactions have already been made, what rating the store has, and compare prices. And after such a mini-analysis, choose the store that suits you best.